Does Not Play Well With Others.

I’m going to get a tattoo on my forehead. It will read: Does Not Play Well With Others. This way when people are sifting through the potential targets for their anger, skulduggery, or rip-offs they will have the opportunity to by-pass me. Why is it so shocking to people who routinely mistreat others when someone, finally, comes back at them?
Yesterday evening my husband, our 16 year old daughter, 15 year old son, 5 year old daughter and I, went to dress rehearsal for the little one’s tap and ballet class. In midst of all of the beautiful, fit, shapely dancers and adorable little girls in sparkly, flounces and fluff sat Jaba the Hut. Jaba was, sadly, the person in charge of doling out the little things owed to all parents, in our case 1 program and 1 pair of white tights, size 7-10, already paid for. Not realizing that Jaba was in charge I innocently sent the 3 kids to obtain these items while hubby and I watched the cute little kids standing on stage unmoving and looking confused. After 3 trips back and forth we were informed that we would not be able to get the tights without paying for them again. Apparently, during the 3rd exchange she told my children that they needed the money to pay for the tights and when they explained that they had already been paid for, Jaba shifted some papers around and said, “I don’t see no money. Get some or no tights.” Class act.
I paid $7.35 for these damned tights. They cashed the check. I have paid exorbitant amounts of money for months on end of dance classes with my daughter’s absolutely wonderful, adorable instructor. Why on earth would I pay all of that plus $10 per ticket for admission to the recital and then try to steal an $8 pair of children’s stockings? Puhleeze.
I went out to the table and waited my turn with Jaba. She (in this story Jaba is female) was not very nice to the lady in front of me. When this poor woman finally finished paying an astronomical amount of money for her tickets, I asked if I could please have my daughter’s tights. Jaba informed me that they were $8 a pair and I replied that I had already paid for them as should be evidenced by the also paid for costume my daughter was wearing. Jaba clenched her jaw and began shaking her head, ‘No.’ I asked her through clenched teeth if she were actually refusing to provide me with the item I paid for and she stopped shaking her head. She looked at me, measuring me with her oh-so-beady eyes set into her biscuit dough face and I repeated the question. She said, ‘Take them but give me your name so we can bill you if you didn’t pay for them.’ Whatever. I wrote my daughter’s name down on a slip of paper, took the damned tights and left.
A short time later another mother from our dance class attempted to get a program and was refused. She asked me if I got one and was incensed when I told her yes. And rightly so! Her daughter was actually IN the program. This mother went and fetched our instructor and brought her out and the instructor handed the mother her program while Jaba went into a tirade about how some crazy mad mother came out all mad and acted awful and made her give her some tights for free…
Well, the pot lid blew off at this point. WTF? She is obviously one of those people who is accustomed to mistreating people without being called on it. I expect that her dim mind and hateful temperament are made worse by all of the lovely dancers she is surrounded by all of the time who cast her as the ugly-to-the-bone character she is.
I stood up, walked over and said, “That would be me. I was not made until you mistreated my children and were rude to me. We paid for the tights and are entitled to them now leave it alone.” She called me a liar and suggested that I am unreasonable for not simply paying for them again.
When I got home after this horrible affair I went online and printed out a copy of the canceled check and copied the costume cost sheet. If someone mentions any of this tonight I will have proof of payment on hand.
Where’s Han Solo when you need him?

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