Our New Mattress

I have slept on the same mattress since Dad gave to me when I was 19 years old. I am now 43. The mattress had had it and thankfully, so had my husband. He bought a new one. The 24 year old wonder is waiting for the dump and the new mattress is on the bed. Oh. My. God. It is wonderful!
I am still a little disappointed though. The mattress we wanted to buy was guilt-free. Completely. It is locally made, sold by a small business owner who designed it, organic latex and wool. The price for the mattress we really were after was $4,536.63 with no discount and VA tax added. (I think that Mark added .5% to the tax, actually, so it would actually be slightly less than that.)
We went to the store in Norfolk, VA, Tomorrow’s World and spent 45 minutes doing mattress research. (Laying on them.) A salesman came up and he and Mark began talking, so I went downstairs with the children. No one can ruin a good negotiation as well as I can 😉 The two of them haggled for a long time and I went back up when the kids seemed ready to explode out of the store and into confetti. The salesman, Hans, agreed to discuss the price with his boss and call us the following Wednesday. Mark and I awoke every morning anticipating the call, the best negotiable price and a NEW MATTRESS.
Wednesday came and Wednesday went. No phone call. By Saturday we had finished waiting. We figure that for the commission on a $4,500.00 mattress, a salesman should call and not expect us to call him. I was completely and utterly bummed but unwilling to pay someone who couldn’t pick up the phone to call us and tell us the news on the price.
We went to Haynes Furniture in Virginia Beach. Haynes is a mainstream, big-business, buy something and get out kind of place. We spent about an hour with Dan Goldblatt, a salesman, testing mattresses. He showed us just about everything he had, found the mattress we wanted and did everything in his power to ascertain that we would have it the following day.
He called. I picked up the mattress. He was forthright and answered our questions honestly, even when the answers made him obviously uncomfortable. Even when I already knew the answer sucked and asked anyway, just to see what he’d say. I highly recommend his services to anyone shopping for a new mattress in the Tidewater area of Virginia.
The breakdown:
The mattress we bought:
natural latex (as far as I can tell. The information is sketchy and I can’t bring myself to exhaustively research it. The mattress is here. We’re sleeping well on it.)
made by King Koil
Cost: $2,967.30 (mattress, foundation and tax)
Made by a major manufacturer + old by a big-box store= some guilt
From the website:

  • World’s highest quality latex foam
  • Conforms to every body
  • Eliminates areas of high pressure
  • No need to flip or turn
  • 20-25 year warranty
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dust mite resistant

The ‘other’ mattress which we would have if the salesman had called like he said he would:
3-layer certified organic cotton stretch knit quilting
layer of wool
3 layers of latex
locally produced
locally marketed by a small business
price for mattress and foundation (from catalog) $4,548.00 plus tax.

So, in the end, we saved a few bucks, spent some extra time, effort and guilt but wound up with a decent mattress that we’re sleeping well on.

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