The Barnacled Bullfrog

Along with friends, we joined in the revelry last night at the Planter’s Club in Suffolk, VA. The SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), Barony of Marinus, hosted a tavern event called the Barnacled Bullfrog. I was led to believe that much flirtation would occur and that revealing dress was much appreciated.
Melina and I planned and plotted and both came up with fabulous outfits. I trotted out my wedding ensemble once again, only with one of Dad’s dresses over the top of the liene and overskirt rather than my beige calico. The black is much nicer. Melina looked great in a polished cotton bodice over a peasant top. She had several layers of skirts topped by a gorgeous orange patterned and lightly sequined apron that gave her a fabulously ethnic look.
Larry dressed as a Russian rabbi and was quite handsome in his gray getup with a prayer shawl. Mark wore a rose colored T-tunic with calico trim that I threw together yesterday. It’s not the greatest tunic ever made but it was fine for 2 hours of work and a thrift store budget. He looked great!
We ate. We drank. We gambled with chocolates. We flirted and laughed and met many lovely people. I suspect we’ll be making efforts to attend other SCA events.

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