Kung Fu Pee Pee

We went to see Kung Fu Panda yesterday at Regal Greenbrier Cinema 13 in Chesapeake, VA. The movie was funny, exciting and not sexually inappropriate like most kids movies seem to be. I love sex, just not in G-rated movies.

Panda was sweet and poignant and made the point that even though we may laugh at someone and think they aren’t as good as we are, they probably are. In fact, they may be ‘awesome’ and we may just be too cocky to see it.

You might be wondering why this post is called, ‘Kung Fu Pee Pee.’ I’ll tell you. We watched the movie, ate some astonishingly expensive popcorn and when the movie ended we left. My booty was damp. I went into the ladies room and removed my panties (I was wearing a very long skirt) and had a sniff…urine. Strong, old, stinky peepee. Gross! Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!!! Apparently the seat I had been sitting in was dry on the surface but the cushion has some deep seated (tehe) problems. I wrapped my panties in TP and stuffed them into my purse, turned my skirt sideways so that the urine wouldn’t touch my…you know…and went and told the ticket taker person who was the only employee who would make eye contact. He seemed grossed out but I doubt he told anyone. He just stood there placidly waiting for someone else to give him a ticket. Ugh!

Go see the movie. Take the kids…to MacArthur…or Pembroke…or Harbor View!

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