Friendly's, Janaf, Norfolk, VA

Today we stopped in at Friendly’s at Janaf in Norfolk, VA. Mark wanted ice cream and even the accumulated filth in the parking lot was not going to stop him…us. I cast a wary glance at the napkins, cigarette butts and other paper scattered about and thought that, really, the management should have the lot cleaned but whatever. The family wanted ice cream.
We went in, Travis, Aleia, Martina, Mark and I. They all ordered exceptionally expensive ice creams. I went to the sticky, trash littered, sticky, disgusting bathroom. I covered the toilet seat with paper and when I was done there, washed my hands. I *had* to touch the door handle to leave.
Back to the ice cream. The incredibly cheery, heartily overweight hostess took our order from behind the soda fountain counter and delivered the ordered with a shout of: Brownie Cream Surprise (or whatever the name of each item ordered was) as she slapped in on the counter. No delivery to out seating spot was in the bargain. AS SOON AS Mark sat down with his treat the same heartily overweight woman started talking loudly, behind the counter, about how he needed to cash out and came over and said something like, “Not to bother you while you’re eating but you need to cash out now.”
Well, WTF? Can’t a guy eat his ice cream? Can’t a guy have ONE BITE of his ice cream without the heartily overweight (and, might I add, untipped) hostess/waitress accosting him? I went outside and sat on a bench and waited for them, having not ordered any ice cream. I figured that the state of the parking and lot and restroom probably was pretty telling as to the cleanliness standards in there and NO THANKS.
I couldn’t even persuede Mark to leave her a nickel. I don’t blame him. Yuck
We will not be heading back to Friendly’s at Janaf. Ever.

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