The First Annual 'Custies'

I love great customer service. I will drive the extra 50 miles for it, pay the extra cash for it and I will leave a big, huge tip in honor of it. On the other hand, poor customer service is something that will make me boycott a business without fail. In honor of the great customer service I have received in the past year, I offer The Custies. 

Read On:
To Eat in Suffolk, VA:
To fly in the USA:
For eye glasses or contact lenses in Chesapeake/Norfolk/Portsmouth:
For family camping in the Blue Ridge:
For once-yearly, dependable family fun:
For tires in Gates County:
A few other favorites include The Vintage Tavern in Suffolk, VA; Lulu’s Hot Dogs in Chesapeake, VA; MacArthur Mall for an overall quality shopping and dining extravaganza ;); Kincaids in Mac Arthur Mall, Norfolk, VA; Breckenridge Manor boarding, training and riding lessons in Virginia Beach; and Namir at Luxury Auto in Virginia Beach. And there you have it.
Late Edit:
I forgot to include where to purchase a new Mac!  The Apple Store at MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, VA. Yes, that mall again. I hate shopping and the mall makes it easy, kind of like the Geniuses at the Apple Store. 
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