Greenbrier Veterinary Emergency Center-Thumbs All The Way Down


From MTBar Farm

While eating her breakfast this morning, my 7 year suddenly jumped up and started running for the door and yelling, “Peaches is in the pool!” It’s January, the pool is partially covered by a thin skin of ice and it’s definitely not a good place for a cat. I glanced out the window and somehow beat the kid to the door. As I grabbed the cat by the scruff she sank below the surface, stiff. I threw her at my husband, ran inside and grabbed a towel while he squeegied her off and we then wrapped her up and brought her inside. We put her, towel and all, into a sinkful of lukewarm water and started spraying the warm water inside the towel in order to bring her body temp back up. At first, she didn’t even shiver.

I made an effort to call our vet, Dr. Johnston at Gates County Animal Clinic but she is not taking emergency calls at the moment. (Someone in her family is ill, I believe). The machine recommended calling Greenbrier Veterinary Emergency Center, a place I’ve had numerous dealings with over the years. A woman answered the phone and I explained what had happened and that our cat was hypothermic and that we live an hour away from the clinic. I asked to speak to a vet. The woman refused. She said that no vet in their practice would speak to me unless I first brought the cat in. I told her that the cat would die of hypothermia if I put her into the car and drove for an hour without taking any sort of action. She said, “Sorry but none of our vets will speak to you unless you bring the cat here.” In other words: Let your cat die because unless you bring us money, we don’t care. I told her that I hope they all rot in hell. 

Once the cat was actively shivering, Mark and Travis blow dried her while I outfitted the whelping box (set up for our pregnant Australian Shepherd) with a heating pad, clean towels and a ceramic space heater. We placed the dry, shivering kitty onto the heating pad and pointed the heater at her. At some point I called my large animal vet, who is not a money-grubbing jerk like the vets at GVEC. The vet on call returned my call quickly, said we needed to get her temp back up to 100 degrees and not to feed her before then. He said it sounded like we were doing everything we could and told me a few things to look out for. I’ll do a post about that blessed veterinary practice another time.

Based not only on the uncaring attitude and inflexibility of the staff I dealt with today but also on years of poor service and exorbitant prices, I cannot recommend Greenbrier Veterinary Emergency Center. If anyone has an alternate Emergency Vet they recommend in the Tidewater, VA area, please leave that information in the comments section and I will add it to my post.

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5 thoughts on “Greenbrier Veterinary Emergency Center-Thumbs All The Way Down

  1. Elizabeth

    I completely agree with your disdain for this practice. I worked there 2 summers ago and absolutely hated it because of the people there. I didn’t receive any training at all and it was just terrible. I know there is another emergency vet on Holland Rd in Virginia Beach. I believe it’s Tidewater Veterinary Emergency Center. That would probably be more of a drive for you though.

  2. whereigoreviews

    Thank you for leaving the name of that practice. I have used them in the past and they were great. Prices are always high when you need an emergency vet, that’s a given, Tidewater Emergency Vets also exhibits humanity. A big thing when you have a pet emergency.

  3. Heather

    I completely agree. I had to refer a patient (who I had never seen there) Because I did not do a full exam on the patient and it was therefore not a referral, they did not even want to know the name of the client I was sending to them…the receptionist said she would just get the name when they got there.

    The client had chosen to go there becuase it was closer then where I normally refer.

    You can always try Yorktown they are good and I used them previously in practice…not sure how close that is. VEC in Richmond is good but quite a hike for you.

  4. Lisa

    Wow- there is a requirement for a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship in order to give any advise at all. Your regular veterinarian would have that – the one you have not seen would not. Don’t fault the veterinarian for refusing to risk his/her license.

    • whereigoreviews

      I did have a prior relationship with Greenbrier and have taken several animals to them in the past. Treatment was poor in every case except one. The girl who answered the telephone did not ask if we were clients, she simply refused service.
      LIcensure and liability are doors to hide behind, in my opinion. The response we received was callous and cruel. I do blame Greenbrier for being uncaring, unhelpful and callous. At the same time, I also understand playing the CYA game in our incredibly and ridiculously litigious society. In other words, I do see both sides of the equation.
      My local, small animal vet was out of town and unreachable and left Greenbrier as the contact. Eventually my large animal vet helped us by telling us that what we were doing was probably the best thing, even though they don’t treat small animals. No thanks to Greenbrier, who I suppose employs you, our cat is still alive.

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