Hillbilly Hill Cabins, Swannanoa, NC

In January, 2009, I took my daughter to college in Swannanoa. She asked me to hang out for a few days so she could settle in but still have me around. I stayed at Hillbilly Hill Cabins for 3 nights with my 7 yo daughter. I felt safe there, which is a big thing for a mom alone with a little one.

The cabins are cute, clean, comfy and a bit difficult to find. When the directions say turn by the Subaru place, they mean that. Literally. There is the Subaru place and there is a road straight up the mountain just to the left of it. It only looks scary. Drive on up and find your cabin. There are only 3 so this should not be too difficult.

I enjoyed the tiny little kitchen which was well stocked with cookware, plates, glasses, etc. Some of the dishes needed a good wash and I doubt housekeeping checks them after every guest.  Cooking in the kitchen was great and there was room to prepare  basic meals for the two (or three) of us. The bathroom shelf was stuffed with clean towels and wash rags and everything was, again, clean and homey. We were there during a blisteringly cold few days and the heat managed to keep up and keep the house warm. The bed in the bedroom was pushed against the front wall of the house and the traffic from I-40 kept me awake, so the next night we slept on the futon…and we slept well. The bed also had crinkly sounding plastic on it which was uncomfortable and difficult to sleep on. I can’t report on the t.v. as we didn’t watch much of it. We read and played cards and visited campus and ate and slept. I’m sure the porch and fire ring would be fantastic on a warm summer’s evening.

Hillbilly Hill Cabins are a great place for those of us who prefer to stay away from hotels and/or cannot afford to eat out for every meal when we’re out of town. The girls and I enjoyed our stay there. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone looking for a vacation cabin in the mountains but it sure is a great landing pad when you’re visiting the area and want a cozy, safe place where you can enjoy the privacy of your own space.

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