U.S. Airways: You Have to be Kidding

We fly. We make every effort to avoid using US Air because they leave us in a bind every time we use them. Our experience tells us that their flights are often delayed, their service shoddy, their customer service reps full of bunk. As I type this I am sitting in an airport waiting for a flight that is one hour late. The counter person is unwilling to do anything but fulfill my request to have someone meet us at the gate with a cart to drive us to a shuttle so we can change terminals. Will this happen? We shall see.
Here are the things the agent tried to tell me:
>That 45 minutes is the average amount of time required to change planes in Philly.
>That switching from domestic to international flights does not require much time.
>That finding the Lufthansa counter in Philly will not be a problem. (There is not, so far as what is listed on the airport’s website, any Lufthansa ticket counter in the Philadelphia airport.)
>That there is no way to get us from one terminal to another more quickly than we can do it by walking and riding the shuttle.
>That if I would shut up and listen she could tell me what she would do to help us. It was what I asked for begin with when she told me that she would not be able to help us at all.
We *had* 2.5 hours to change from a domestic to international, from one airline to another. Now we have 1.5 hours to do so. Can we? Will we get to where we’re going? Keep an eye on WhereIGoReviews and I’ll let you know.
Based on years of experience with U.S. Airways I do not recommend using them. Try Southwest instead.

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