5 Points Community Farm Market

Norfolk, Virginia is fortunate. The city is home to the 5 Points Community Farm Market, a place where local farmers, local foodies and local do-gooders converge. For those of us who agree that eating chemical free, as locally as possible, and as fresh as possible, 5 Points is the place to go. The Market offers local produce, meats, fish, and dairy products. They also open their doors to other local ‘Green’ businesses. I love that they are so willing to spread the goodness/share it with other like-minded folks. 

Today I ate my first lunch at the little counter top restaurant inside the Market and was delighted with the food. I love to eat well. One thing that my husband and I agree on is that spending our money properly involves using it to purchase excellent food for our family. Lunch was outstanding. The Red Lentil Soup was just as good as Pasha’s (a local eatery renowned for their red lentil soup)and far less expensive. The tomato sandwich was delicious and served with a hearty helping of potato salad. The sandwich had several types of tomatoes, was served on hearty bread with spinach and a tasty herbed mayo. The potato salad wasn’t my favorite but only because the potatoes weren’t cooked through. The flavor was good. I will definitely go back there again for lunch.

5 Points Community Market gets a 5 Thumbs Up from me.

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2 thoughts on “5 Points Community Farm Market

  1. bnmng

    I’ve been meaning to check this place out. Thanks for the review.

  2. whereigoreviews

    You definitely should. They are doing a lot for people who think about what they consume.

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