Amicis Italian Restaurant, Suffolk, VA

We are officially recognizable to the staff at Amici’s in Suffolk, a fact which speaks for itself. There are two Italian restaurants within a short walk from the public lot on E Washington Street, just behind the Courthouse. We head to Amici’s every time. The food, the service, the professionalism and the welcome are amazing, especially when contrasted against the antagonistic atmosphere at that ‘other’ place. In South Suffolk, good food at a good price is difficult to find.

We have been delighted by the service from the male staff members and not so delighted the one time we were served by a female (who turned out to be the manager.) While the food and beverage service was adequate, there were some comments that made me uncomfortable and which diminished my typical 20% tip by quite a lot. I’m chalking the comments up to a bad day and hoping we won’t have that experience again.

The wine list is excellent, in my opinion, though I admit to being deprived of decent wine after 6 years in the wilds of  South Suffolk. Amici’s sports a wine list that ranges from budget through not-too-expensive but is loaded with reputable wines such as Chianti Docg and Layer Cake Cabernet (yum!). Monday’s they offer half price bottles of wine with the purchase of an entree.  You want beer, you say? Oh my. Amici’s is the place for you. They have a wonderful selection of domestic and imported beers and a few delicious varieties on tap–Blue Moon is one of them and my favorite.

Yes, they do serve food! Saving the best for last is all about the pizza. Specifically, the Magic Mushroom pizza. We haven’t tried the New Yawka yet but I’m all for it. Everything we’ve tasted thus far has been good, not always great, but always satisfying and tasty. Amici’s serves the Parthenon of Shrimp Scampis, a 4-square stack of the best focaccia ever dowsed with lemony, garlic sauce and sprinkled with shrimps. We are a long way from having tasted everything on the menu but we have yet to send anything back or to leave anything on the plate because it wasn’t good.

Amici’s get’s a solid three thumbs up from me for their location, variety, bar and service.

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2 thoughts on “Amicis Italian Restaurant, Suffolk, VA

  1. nl

    Terrible. Amici’s was recommended by a few friends of mine, so I figured I would check it out. The first time, I, my boyfriend, and another couple went to brunch at Amici’s. We ordered, waited for 45 minutes for our food when our server came out to tell us that the computers went down and that she would have to take down our order again. That baffled us because she originally took our order down on a pad of paper, and because our order wasn’t even being cooked yet. Once we got our food (about 15 minutes later) we had to wait yet again for silverware (another 5 minutes.) I ordered eggs benedict only to find that it was poached egg on top of soggy french bread with hollandaise smothered over top. Interesting. We complained to the owner who seemed to have NO customer service skills but gave us a $35 gift certificate and invited us back for dinner. He assured us it would be better because our server was new (the computers did not go down by the way) and that this was totally out of character for his restaurant.

    Anyway, my boyfriend and I went back tonight for dinner (about 2 weeks later) figuring we had nothing to lose at this point. Boy were we wrong. Our server seemed nice and kept our drinks full in the beginning. Good. We ordered the calamari. Bad. The batter was salty and fell right off the calamari every time we tried to dip. Our margherita pizza came quickly. Good. It was incredibly bland (except the random processed chunks of uncooked garlic hiding in the cheese). BAD. We waited for about 10 minutes for our check while the server cleaned the liquor shelves (with a full restaurant) which was weird and annoying so we just gave her the certificate and told her to keep the change.

    I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone unless they are looking for cheap ingredients, bad service and an overall unpleasant dining experience. I would however recommend: Sushi Aka, Primo 116, or Pisces restaurant which are all within walking distance.

    • whereigoreviews

      Excellent comment, thank you. I haven’t posted about Primo or Pisces but have found both to be disgusting. Sushi aka is fabulous, though. Love the food, the staff and the service. I miss going there since we moved back into civilization but hubby and I are planning a foray into the wilds of Suffolk soon. We’re afraid to eat sushi anywhere else!

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