One, Playdate

Leah with her One Art

Sadie with her One collage

David with his Uni Boat

Martina, still working along on her One Art

For six Fridays, beginning yesterday, a few friends are sharing their adorable little people with me for a couple of hours. These kids are all so tiny and so cute and even though none of them know me well, they know me well enough to seem comfortable. They talk a lot, if that’s any indication 😉

We started out by bundling up and walking over to the barn. Martina led the goats out and all the little people followed along with her. The goats sleep in the barn and go outside during the day where they clear brush and briars for us. One of the goats is teenie tiny and quite charming. The kids loved her. When they came back, I had each child grab a pad of hay and put it in our cart then Martina again led a parade of mini-people out into the center of the pasture to put out hay for the horses. We fluffed it all up into a huge pile. David got a ride in the cart but Sadie and Leah weren’t interested. We cleaned out the water trough while the horses finished their grain and then let everyone out and headed back to the house. There were several tempting mud puddles along the way.

Once inside we all gathered round the hearth where I had laid a fire the night before. We sang Come to the Circle by Shea Darian and began learning a poem by Eugene Schwartz. Because our focus for yesterday was the number 1, we recited the first stanza of the poem. For a guide, I am using Sixth Sense & Holistic Math, by Kristie Burns. We focused on the number one by talking about the rhythms of one. Using Kristie’s e-book, I talked about Sadie eating breakfast, ‘munch, munch, munch,’ walking down the hall, ‘pat, pat, pat,’ and a few other things. The kids loved it. We talked about things which are unique and the children almost immediately recognized that they, themselves, are the most unique things of all. We discussed unity by looking out the window at the trees, one tree with many branches, the one yard with many things in it, our one group with many members.

To tickle their sense of smell, I took 4 craft sticks and put essential oils on each one. One had rose, one had lemon, one had cinnamon bark and one had all three. Each child had a different scent preference.

I also read the story of Little Tuppens. You can find a great summary of that story on Sadie’s blog. It’s a story about a little chick and his mama. There are a lot of things that happen in the story, all in increments of one.

We went outside with paper bags and the children collected things but only one of each. We then made collages with them. We did one more ‘One’ rhyme to close and the children scooted off to play and Lydia and I had a few minutes to chat. I hope the children had fun, I know that I did…even if the fire didn’t burn.

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One thought on “One, Playdate

  1. Thank you, Tina! Sadie had a very good time and remembered a surprising amount of the experience. 🙂 She is looking forward to next week.

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