Valentine’s Crafts

Hanging Hearts

Generally speaking, I agree with my young friend Rebekah when it comes to Valentine’s Day. My 8 year old, however, disagrees and thinking back to my own childhood I know why. You see, we don’t love Valentines because we’re Catholic or because we appreciate the quashing of pagan religions, au contraire, actually. We also don’t love it because we love stuff. Nope. It’s because on every Valentines night, St. Valentine manages to leave a little cardboard heart filled with chocolates at our front door, knock and fly away before we can get to the door. He’s a cupid, don’t you know? Not an ancient, dead Catholic monk. It’s not about the chocolate either, it’s about the mystery, the surprise, the wait for the knock…

So, this year I am making Valentine crafts with Martina. Here are two things we’ve done:

Kool Aid & cornstarch dough hearts

Kool Aid corn starch dough, cookie cutters,  and a rolling pin. Martina did everything but poke the holes and tie the raffia or hemp in.

Scented beeswax hanging hearts:

melting the beeswax

Once the wax was melted, we added about 25 drops of essential oils, stirred and then poured the wax into molds:

molds with wax in them, the hangers must be put into the liquid wax

Once everything was firm (the next morning), we trimmed the excess off and hung them in our kitchen window. Won’t St Valentine be surprised!

Hearts in the kitchen window

P.S. Our St. Valentine is, indeed, the same one who used to bring me chocolates when I was a kid! Thanks Dad.

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Crafts

  1. Beautiful post! I really enjoyed it and your Valentine’s turned out just lovely! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring 😀


  2. Lovely! It looks like you had a creative, fun Valentine’s with your family. 🙂

  3. Kimberley

    What beautiful crafts. I hope I can remember this for next year. Hmmmm . . .maybe Easter?! Thanks for sharing!

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