Riding Lessons

playing tree tag

Once each week my daughter has a riding lesson. Our instructor found us through an ad I placed on Craigslist looking for someone who could come to our house and work with my daughter and her young, rotten pony. There were several replies and for some reason it was important to me that the instructor not only know horses, but be able to spell and use proper grammar and punctuation. Miss Sharon? She was the only one who had it all. All that and a degree in Animal Science. Yeah, we were really onto something.

Miss Sharon does not give my daughter traditional riding lessons. You know the kind where the child saddles up and for an hour rides the pony in ovals around an arena learning to keep her heels down, head up and keep that pony moving? Not those. Martina is 8. Wind, her pony is 4. Sharon is giving them team building lessons, more than anything else. Martina is learning to think ahead, plan her moves, how *not* to panic if the pony gets off balance or discombobulated. Wind is learning to be a steady, dependable mount. These things are worth a mint and I can watch it all from my glassed in front porch if I have work to do and can’t be outside for the whole lesson.

Sometimes life hands you lemons. Sometimes you get cherries. Riding lessons with Miss Sharon? Cherries, all the way.


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