Sing us a song you’re the pianoman…

A few days ago Martina hand wrote tickets to a concert. There were four tickets. She moved chairs into ‘Cece’s Room’ where our piano is. She rang out the time and counted down until we were all seated and then it was showtime!

She played several selections from her piano primer and sang along with them. She is learning about showmanship and how not to say, ‘Garsh!’ and start over every time she hits a wrong note. The child had the foresight to place a tip jar on the piano before beginning and she made over $5 from the show.

A friend commented how this is a great unschooling moment: entrepreneurship; handwriting; spelling; public speaking; music; *and* socialization, all in one easy lesson


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One thought on “Sing us a song you’re the pianoman…

  1. This is priceless! I love it!

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