Table set for the story play

Today was week 2 of our Waldorf playday group. Our number for the day was, you guessed it! Two.

As always, once everyone had arrived, we went to feed the horses and goats. The older children led the goats to their pen while the little ones helped me feed the horses and barn cats. It is very exciting having a bunch of tiny little people in the barn. Substitute ‘scary’ for ‘exciting.’ Hehe. There were cart rides and hay fluffing and nose petting events and then the horses were turned out and we headed back for the house.

Once inside, we did our opening circle song and all gathered around the hearth where we recited the first two verses of our number poem. We then talked about the number 2. We talked about opposites and thing that come in pairs. We also talked about symmetry, especially as it comes into play when making hearts for Valentines cards.

Our story today came from Main Lesson/The Baldwin Project’s archives.

The Valentine's Fairy with the heart shaped leaves and brown pitcher

It was a sweet tale about the Valentine Fairy Princess and the Brownies and how they figured out that heart shaped leaves with brown pitchers mean love. Lydia read while I did a puppet play. I did not notice even one wiggle during the story time. The kids really seem to love the puppet plays.


After that we all went in the kitchen where I was all set up for some wet felting. We used cookie cutters as molds, layered in red wool, used warm soapy water and fingers to felt on top of bubble wrap. Some of the kids were very deliberate in their felting, making tightly felted hearts and others were a bit more sanguine (or had a little less direction from me) and their hearts were a little less tightly felted. One of the ones I liked best was a huge, very loosely felted, incredibly fluffy heart. Using a large tapestry needle, the children who made more than one heart threaded them onto red yarn to make a hanging string of hearts.

I sent all of them home with a bag of roving to play with using their two hands and two eyes to make the two halves of their hearts…and the hope that some of that stuff about symmetry will stick.

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