our chalk board, 2nd grade math, week 1

For a while I wandered away from Waldorf but then my adorable little girl told me, “Mommy? I really really like that artsy-fartsy stuff.” So, we’re back. We’ve been using Singapore Math and it has been good to us but last week I ordered Christopherus 2nd grade math. We started it yesterday. The little one is enchanted. I could barely keep up with demands for division problems, something we had never even spoken about until yesterday.

A passion for math? I'm all about that.

It’s always frightening for me to step off into the abyss of a non-traditional approach to education, especially when it comes to mathematics. I want my daughter to be up to date. I also want her to love math. Which is more important?

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  1. Terry

    We’re stepping off into that abyss, too! We’ve been following more of a classical, school-at-home format, and we’ve been missing the joy of creating in the process. I’m not interested in “filling their buckets” with every recommended bit of data, so we’re trying some new things to liven things up a bit. Mostly Waldorf-inspired. I looked at Christopherus math and it looked very interesting, but they only sell math as a separate component for the grades that I need them!

    • whereigoreviews

      Terry-I don’t think I understand what you mean about the Christopherus sales of math curriculum?
      I moderate a yahoo group that is for Waldorf oriented items and curriculum: allkindsofwaldorfthings@yahoogroups.com
      You should join and ask there for what you need. You may find it! There is also a Waldorf library you can join that will mail you books. You’ll have to google that, though, I’ve never used it.

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