Homeschool Community Garden

My husband is a hermit and I am a nurturer. I can be crotchety, yes, but if you can see through all of that to the bubblegum core, you’ve got a true friend. for years now, I have had a vision of creating a community garden for homeschoolers but we were living in a location far too remote to make that a possibility. Now we are back in a more densely populated area and I decided to go ahead with the plan but to do it in a small way to start, something that wouldn’t overwhelm either of us with too many responsibilities or new people (or people all over the place at all hours of the day and night! =D)

At first I thought we would have 7 families sharing this garden, working, tending, sharing the labor, building community. I had high hopes but then? Reality set in. I realized that having 7 families with their attendant children so close to our pool and horses was probably a very bad idea, especially if these families were unknown to Mark and I. We invited 5 other families to join us, most of whom we already knew and felt comfortable with. Of those, 4 dropped off and so we invited 1 family who had shown a real interest, even though we had never met them, and that left 3 families working the garden. Including us.

I’m proud of the steps we’ve made thus far.

>We had an organizational meeting where we all agreed to garden cooperatively rather than each taking a few beds for our own use. We all wholeheartedly agreed on the use of chemical-free methods and that we would explore square foot gardening methods.

>We have had email dialogue to discuss things like what we want to plant now, some of what we’d like to plant later and need to start as seed now as well as agreeing that each child should have a 4’x4′ bed of their own to plant and tend.

>Yesterday we met to discuss our lay out plans and wound up also putting in a seed order from Southern Exposure. We love that Southern Exposure is a Virginia business and that their seeds are grown and saved in our home climate. Their community building efforts are legendary and we honor that as well. SE sells OP, Og and Heirloom seeds, many of which are recommended for our Mid Atlantic climate. We are hoping to save seed from our garden this year and tried to choose varieties that will make this possible.

>Next weekend we hope to get some seed into the ground.

We have big plans for our garden and I am thrilled to have the energy of two more, motivated, homeschool moms and the potential of harnessing the energy of our offspring!

*The garden really looks much better than the pictures show. Somehow the setting on my camera was changed to one that let in far too much light. Will post more accurate photos with the next installment.

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