The Two Times Table

The Two Times Table Hopscotch

One of the things we’re working on in 2nd grade math, is the two times table. We are working on learning it with rhythm to get it in our bodies and also into our brains. A couple of things we’re doing are flash cards and hopscotch.

The flash cards have the entire problem on the front. The point is to memorize the tables now, not quiz her on knowledge she hasn’t yet acquired. She just reads them off and we move through quickly.

Our hopscotch isn’t really traditional but one based on the rhythm of two. Later we’ll move on to 5’s and 10’s. As Martina hops, she says the numbers or a rhythmic chant that I start her our with, such as, “one two is two, two twos are four, three twos are six,’ or, ‘one times two is two, two times two is four,’ etc. We work up to twelve and then she comes back, counting or chanting in reverse. It’s fun for her and effortless for me…well, except the part where she made her own hopscotch using my pastel chalks instead of sidewalk chalk, LOL. Now she knows where the sidewalk chalk is located.

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