Learning about the Aeneid

Martina is taking a class at our homeschool cooperative. It is basically a book club but that sounds so bland and un-exciting and this class? It’s frothing over with excitement. Today, for example, there was a Roman feast. The children and slaves (a few moms) dressed up in costume and while the elite Citizens of Rome reclined at table, we slaves served the several courses which made up the feast. (*Awkward moment when I briefly forgot my slave status and thanked Lydia, the teacher, for offering me radishes! Hehe. She blinked and handed me the bowl.)

The text for class is In Search of a Homeland by Penelope Lively. It is a beautiful book, well suited to my 8 year old daughter’s comprehension level and illustrated with images that are not too disturbing, but still convey the frightening world of Ancient Greece.

I can’t even begin to describe what an energetic, creative teacher Lydia is. She writes songs, sneaks in a little bit of Latin, has the kids wear togas and olive leaf wreaths in their hair and they remember. These classes are, I’m positive, some of the memories Martina will roll around in her brain when she’s grown and she’ll be glad that they are there. She may not remember wandering the Roman forum as an almost-2-year-old but she will remember sipping ‘wine’ and eating olives with Aeneid.

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