Bible Unit, Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dreams

Old Testament MLB

For our unit on the Old Testament I read stories from our children’s bible. Martina never wants me to stop reading because she loves the stories. When we get to Thursday, I ask for the story she wants to draw and write about in her MLB.

She chooses her story and I read it from a NrIV so that she can hear the full text of that story.

We get out the block crayons and I draw first and she copies what I’ve drawn into her book. Then she free writes her own retelling. We have tried various layouts for her handwriting. She is not yet confident enough to write on one line and so I’ve done the blue, green and brown lines for the sky, grass and earth. While that is a pretty way of doing things, I often don’t have time to line enough paper for her lengthy tomes. Yesterday I gave her some 2nd grade writing paper and it worked beautifully. The lines are the proper size for her handwriting, there are 3 lines for writing on: sky; grass; earth, and so that’s what we’ll use. She did a full page, front and back. We taped it into the MLB so that it’s hinged on the side and can be read and reread.

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