The Alcove

Alcove before

Our house, my Grandfather’s house, has a weird layout for a family. The master bedroom is at one end and the children’s rooms at the other. We also have the odd circumstance of having a 21 year old and an 18 year old living down there on frat row with an 8 year old.

Now, I’m not saying that there are wild parties in my house with tons of drunken teenagers, I call it frat row because the two of them stay up late, have friends over after I’ve gone to bed and like their music a bit louder than I do. All normal, low key, young adult stuff. They behave pretty well.

But is it a comfortable place for an 8 year old to sleep? Not really. Even while her older siblings are very respectful of their younger sister and will not bring friends over if she is sleeping, they still come in and out after she is in bed. Lights go on and off, doors creak and close, footsteps pass her door, toilets flush. It’s a bit much to demand utter silence of the older kids and it’s a bit much to ask the little one to sleep through all of  that. So…she sleeps in the alcove.

Just outside our bedroom door is what appears to  be a remnant of a former space alteration. It is a tight, cozy little nook and perfect for the little one to sleep warm and safe and in the relative quiet of Our End of the house.

Alcove 2

redecorated with 'found' goodies

Last Friday, Martina and I went thrift store shopping with one hundred dollars and a list of things we needed to make her nook comfy. We found every single thing on the list: comforter, a fluffy, pretty one; sheets, clean, soft, bleachable; pale sage green curtains to keep out the early light; an end table with drawers. We also bought books, a pair of pants and a skirt for her and a couple of woolen sweaters for me to felt and for us to sew. We rang in under the allotted $100, most of the money was spent on the end table which I got a $20 discount on and think was a great find.

sleep tight

The Flexa trundle bed, fairy bower (from Magic Cabin), fairy print in the middle photo and lamp were already part of our household inventory and found their uses here. There is a standing joke in our family about how everyone wants to be Martina. Look how cozy that little bed is, it’s like being cradled all night long in a big, fluffy tree. She has the sweetest spot of all.

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