Homeschool Community Garden 2

This is where we are now in our joint gardening project: Starting seeds. Each family took 5 seed packets and did their own thing with them. Jennifer sprouted hers and then planted in homemade, newspaper cups. Sara planted hers in dirt, no idea what sort of containers. I put mine in saved containers: clamshell; yogurt; toilet paper tubes; and styrofoam mushroom boxes. The tp was ingenious, I though, but dries out very quickly since they are under lights.

The pic is of my started seedlings under the fluorescent bulbs. We use a timer that I bought at a hardware store. Setting it was like an IQ test which I struggled to pass but eventually I aced it and so, the seeds are doing well.

In the garden things are springing up all over the place. The clover in the walking paths is dense, arugula, carrots, peas and all sorts of other goodies are peeking their tiny little heads out of the dirt.

Jennifer’s boys planted their own plots last week but Sara and I have to get on the ball with our kids and get their seeds in the dirt. I *live* here, right beside the garden, and still haven’t gotten Martina out there to plant! This week, no more excuses.

We are all getting to know each other still and the expected early wrinkles in communication are smoother now. Having the energy of more than one family group in the garden is great. In my own family dynamic, I am The Source, the one who is responsible for drawing and focusing the energy of the entire group and it wears me out sometimes. With the other families sharing the garden, the responsibility for providing impetus is shared among the adults and I am really enjoying the novelty of being able to back up and shut up and ride.

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