It’s been 8 days

and I still sound like Bette Davis. Lucky, lucky me. Reading aloud is a huge part of what we do here. Martina is a good reader and can freely read Bobbsey Twins books on her own but when we are doing school work I need to read or talk. A lot. Besides that, my step-daughter moved in with her scads of belongings and our household has been in chaos. A few days ago, however, said step-daughter and my youngest son (who happens to be 18), took a great pile of the scads along with a great pile we had accumulated, to the thrift store. Chaos overthrown!

Now we can get back into our classroom again in all it’s bright, sunny glory and as of this week, we started math and elements blocks again. We managed to stick with Latin and the Aeneid through the chaos but everything else went out the window.
So, I’ll be back to taking pictures and blogging this week in spite of the injury sustained by my child-turned-chariot-horse today in her co-op Gladiator Games. (Injury was a tiny patch of road rash on her ankle. She’s fine.) Thanks to Lydia, her site is linked above, for a great class and a great time today. See you all soon!

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