Summer is Almost Upon Us

Summer is looming and it’s difficult to look ahead without wondering if I’m right to keep schooling through the time of year when lightning bug jars, mulberries and swimming in the pool are some of my fondest childhood memories. With the breaks we take, both planned and because life gets messy and I drop the ball, we have to keep going. It’s less about choice than it is about responsibility.

We have been in homeschooling limbo for a month or so. My step daughter moved in and the sheer volume of extra stuff was overwhelming. Her overflow took over our school area briefly. But now the stuff is sorted, my allergies and the-cold-that-wouldn’t-end are abating and the social schedule doesn’t have anything stressful on it. We’re back to center.

Today we did our school work, (which means Latin light, math and reading, when we’re taking a break from homeschooling) then I did some planning while Martina played outside.

Beginning next week we are adding Singapore math back into our math program so that we can finish the grade level curriculum; we are also continuing with the Christopherus program which is beautiful and has helped us solidify some concepts. I have seen the holes in my daughter’s math knowledge thanks to the Christopherus math curriculum and am committed to sewing those up ASAP. We’re hitting the maths hard for the next couple of months. We will continue with Johnny Tremain and A History of US; resume our Old Testament Bible block for a 2nd go round; pick back up with phonograms and grammar in an integrated unit that I will share more on in the following weeks.

Outside classes are winding down for the summer so we’ll have more time at home and to focus on some Latin catch-up and hard-core math work.

What do you do during the summer? Do you lighten the load? Stop schoolwork completely? Keep drilling away? Please, leave a comment and let me know what works for your family.

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