Language Arts Lesson Block

We are moving into a new language arts block this week, continuing with the phonogram cards from the Writing Road to Reading.

In addition to using the phonogram cards and a rhyme written by yours truly, I am adding in stories and grammar work with this block. You can find links to the books on my twitter but for reference I’m using Writing With Ease as a guide. I don’t care to use the stories in the book so I am using my own stories and only using the book for ordering the concepts and the amount of copy work. Thornton Burgess’ Bedtime Stories is our reading book for the grammar lessons. It’s sweet, not too long and has everything we need for the grammar level we’re working on.

This week our phonograms are ‘wr’, ‘ph’ and ‘dge’. Here is my ridiculous rhyme:

A phobic pharaoh wrote to a judge

Who took a photo of a wren and a pheasant while eating fudge

made by a phantom with a physical wrinkle

whose wry smile had a pleasant twinkle.

Ha ha! It’s a terrible poem but it has LOTS of the phonograms in it, which is the point. There’s a picture on the chalk board and both the rhyme and pic will be drawn in Martina’s MLB later this week. For now we are discussing the phonograms, reading the rhyme and working on the grammar concepts for the week: beginning sentences with capital letters; beginning names with capital letters; ending sentences with periods. We have worked on these concepts before, so they aren’t new but this is reinforcement and building on what she already knows.

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