Language Arts This Week

The last word in that rhyme is ‘potatoes’.

Our phonogram for this week is -oe. I tried to use more than one phonogram but none of the others were helpful in coming up with a rhyme so I just went with the one. This week we are also working on the capitalization of first names and surnames. Martina’s copy work will come from the story Rip Van Winkle which she is reading independently as her Difficult Reading Assignment for this week. She reads the story in small chunks and I understand that it isn’t enthralling because it is difficult going for her at her reading level but it stretches her reading muscles and that’s the plan.

We are also enjoying the fable of Peter and the Wolf this week.

Today I told her the story of the boy who cried wolf. We then got out our crayons–she has commandeered the Lyras so I have to use the Stockmars–and she followed along as I crayoned a picture of Peter and the Wolf. The picture is her crayon drawing. Tomorrow I will retell the story and then she can write about it for her MLB. Peter’s name will be Peter Shepherd in order to practice capitalization of first and last names 😉

Resources for this week: Barbara Dewey’s ‘Science as Phenomena’; The Writing Road to Reading‘s phonogram cards; and The Natural Speller, which I use for finding words with our weekly phonograms for use in my rhymes.

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