Math this week-3s

Last week we continued our math studies with the quality of 3 and the 3 times table. Each morning I told the story of the gnomes (from Barbara Dewey’s math book) and had Martina count the stones in the gnomes baskets. Addition always had 12 in her basket but also had several more hidden in her skirts. Subtraction always was missing some and had less than 12. Division always had a few but because his are always divided (or shared) with Subtraction, he also had less than 12. Multiplication always had more than 12, often 3×12 or 36.

We also did math problems on our rainbow paper and Martina drew pictures of the gnomes and rhymes (from the book Math Lessons for Early Grades)  in her MLB.

Each morning we did a clapping game where we counted by 3s to 36. One of us would come up with a clapping pattern which had us slapping hands together on the 3 beat. Our count would be one, two, THREE! four, five, SIX! and etc. We would then count 3 is three times one, 6 is three times two, 9 is three times three and etc.

Another activity Martina did on her own was to write the skip counting pattern of the three times table on our sidewalk squares and hop them, counting by 3s, forward and back. She also did the 3 times table as she hopped.

The picture above of the white board was simply a writing exercise. She will do a similar page in her MLB this afternoon. We didn’t get to it Friday thanks to a middle-of-the-might ER trip with one of my older children.

We also made a peg board for learning the patterns of the times tables through 10. My daughter traced a plate onto the log slice, we worked together placing the nails around the circle and then I marked the spots with pencil and she hammered the nails in. By the time she was finished she was too hot to enjoy playing with it but I brought it inside and that night she proudly demonstrated to her father how the pattern for 3s looked. (I wrote the numbers with a paint pen/marker.)

This was a really good week for us and our math studies. Both of us had fun and enjoyed exploring the quality of the number 3. We talked about religion; earth, sun and moon; mother, father, child; and other ways that 3s manifest in our world. Much of our quality of numbers study came from Kristie Burns’ study guide.

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