Midsummer Revelry

We are a quiet family. Not quiet as in ‘their voices are soooo soft,’ not that at all, we are quiet in that we tend to keep our own company most of the time. We find solace, safety and acceptance within our fold that is rare to encounter outside it. So, it makes sense that our Midsummer celebration included my husband, 3 of our children and my cousin’s daughter. Simple, quiet, perfect.

It has become a midsummer tradition that we make homemade pizzas for supper. I make the crusts and divide them up so that each of us has our mini-pizza to top as we wish. We have goodies from the garden, as well as other things. This year our garden gave us herbs: basil; chives; rosemary; parsley; oregano. We also had eggplant, squash, jalapeno and tomato from our garden which my husband has worked so hard on! We added other things such as cheese…I’m just too lazy to deal with a cow…mozzarella and parmesan, olives, sun dried tomatoes, salami and ham.

This is our finished product. Pizzas on the brightly decorated coffee table. We haven’t got lights or air conditioning in our kitchen and it was brutally hot yesterday, so we sat in our living room and chowed down. Martina and I enjoyed bowls of chunky applesauce as a side dish. Everything round and golden as the sun.

As we ate the occasional jingle sounded from the ankle bells we were all wearing. There’s nothing to make happy noise with less effort than jingle bells that sheng as you walk.  I made the skirt, too. Isn’t the fabric fabulous?

This is our altar. While we are not Wiccan, we do like to recognize the spirit/s of nature and invite them to the party. The was a storm rolling in the distance, thunder and lighting a wild backdrop to our small but mighty bonfire. The candle would not stay lit.

So we sat by the fire and those of us old enough sipped wine, the rest had cherry cider. We nibbled cookies and talked about horses and camping and life in general. We swatted mosquitoes. Late, we came inside and went to bed, all of us family. Quiet, but in our own loud way.

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One thought on “Midsummer Revelry

  1. Sounds lovely. I enjoyed reading your descriptions too. 🙂

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