Summer Schooling

This is the week we start Latin again. We finished up in May and have taken the entire month of June off but now it’s time to finish up Primer A and to become solid on the vocab in preparation for Primer B. We will be adding this to math, our only real academic subject during summer school.


We aren’t taking the summer off though! No way. We have memberships to Colonial Williamsburg (used more when regular school is in session); the Virginia Zoo; the Virginia Aquarium. I plan on purchasing a membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens as well. At least once each week we visit one of these places and talk about, maybe read about or watch videos about what we see.

Music! Lots of music. Martina has the summer off from piano lessons but she still plays every day. We are also learning recorder using Oak Meadow and Usborne’s beginning recorder books. Randall has agreed to give little sister guitar lessons and even loaned her a tiny, terrible guitar to use. She can’t see over the top of mine. Today we must buy strings for TTG. It makes me really happy to see my 23 year old son forging a bond with his 8 year old sister–he’s paying it forward.

Riding lessons. We have been doing lessons twice per week but the heat is ridiculous and so we’re cutting back to once per week, hopefully early in the morning. I’m waiting to hear from our instructor now.

It’s funny how sometimes I feel like I’m just not doing enough, teaching enough, living up to the standards I set for myself. Writing it all down helps. Do you do this?

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