Latin, briefly

Last year Martina was fortunate enough to take Latin from the coolest teacher ever, who just happens to be a local homeschooling mom and blogger. Using Primer A from Classical Academic Press was a painless, in fact it was a wonderful and happy experience. I’m pretty good at making Math and recorder fun, but languages aren’t something I’ve honed my fun(ny) bone on just yet. Miss Lydia has and Latin is a joyous, loud, exhilarating learning time.

Keeping up was a bit of  a struggle for us last year. We moved. We had a kid move in, decide she didn’t ever need to come home or call and then move out again. We had a different kid move back home. We had a diagnosis of narcolepsy and myriad doctors appointments. We had swine flu! Yes, we got behind, a little bit, in Latin.

We have been studying loosely over the summer. This week Martina began a focused and what is intended to be year-long schedule for her Latin study. You see, she *really* wants to keep going with it.

Here is our weekly study schedule. It is a four day loop which can be altered or have exercises added to it. What I’ve found with Latin is that it can completely consume our school week and it won’t be doing that this year. She can do her work independently. The schedule is designed to have her prepared for her class, which we think will be on Thursday, and to give us time to do the other things we need to accomplish in life.

Monday: DVD; read chapter in its entirety; make flash cards; play Flash Dash on easy and medium; watch a video on Headventure Land.

Tuesday: DVD; reread chapter and do work sheet/exercises for the chapter; Flash Dash med and difficult; review flash cards for the chapter.

Wednesday: DVD; review chapter and exercises; go over all Latin flash cards; play Flash Dash on difficult.

Thursday: collect your Latin things; review flash cards and grammar for the week; DVD; go to class.

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