Where the Red Fern Grows

If you could have seen us last night, Mommy, Daddy and little girl all cuddled up in our big ole bed, sniveling like idiots. You see, we finished Where the Red Fern Grows last night. Maybe Martina is too young to have heard it just yet but there was no stopping once we were almost at the end. Mark would read until he couldn’t any more and then hand the book to me. Then I’d do the same. We switched off repeatedly, until we got to the end which I read in a reedy, choke-throated whisper.

I love this book.

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2 thoughts on “Where the Red Fern Grows

  1. Kerry

    I read that at about her age. Changes you forever -in an awesome way. Another one of my favorites from that age is “Anne of Green Gables.”

    And also the “Song of the Lioness” Series by Tamora Pierce. 🙂

    • K-I have been searching the bookshelves maniacally for Anne of Green Gables! I know we have it but I can’t find it. Will look on Amazon for Song of the Lioness series. Martina loves lions. In fact, she often pretends that she one. In a class last semester she actually got to ‘be’ a lion, in the Roman Colosseum during gladiator games. All of the boys in her class were very impressed because she took down a few of the gladiators 😉

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