Twining Placemats

the beginning

A (sort of) local homeschooler is offering several interesting craft classes and when I saw her ads, it was a given that we would have to support her efforts and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from an experienced crafter. I signed Martina and I up for the Twining class and one in which we will make our own knitting needles and dye some yarn.

We were nervous and excited as we drove about an hour to our old hometown for the Twining class. Needlessly nervous, it turns out and deservedly excited. The class was wonderful. Milissa, the instructor was (or should I say ‘is’) charming and welcoming. We brought old sheets and sharp scissors. Milissa makes and sells peg looms in two sizes: one for placemats and one for small rugs. A placemat sized loom was included with the class fee.

cutting the warp

The first thing we learned to do was to cut the warp, which is the base of your weaving. Martina cut until her little hands were tired and then I took over. Milissa explained how thick the strips should be and how to fold the sheet and why it’s good to use neutral colors for this portion. We then collected our warp materials and scissors and headed over to the table where the two peg looms were waiting.

peg looms and fabric

Once we had warped the loom, we cut more fabric strips for the weft and Milissa showed us the technique for beginning the weave, how to go around the ends and how to attach pieces so that you don’t have a million little ends poking out. This part was fun! Martina and I immediately became obsessed with our fabrics and the way they looked as we wove them into the future placemats.

Milissa and Martina

Just the two of us were signed up for the class. I really enjoyed that Martina had a lot of one-on-one attention from Milissa so that I could focus on figuring out what I was doing and not have to worry about teaching and learning at the same time. We had a ball learning this form of weaving, called twining because of how you lock each piece into place by twining it around the piece next to it.

Weaving and learning about textiles in general is part of our study plan for 3rd grade. This class tied in wonderfully and also gave us the opportunity to meet a lovely new friend. We are looking forward to the next class very much!

my finished placemat

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