Rosh Hashana for Gentiles (and Heathens)

Third grade is, in our homeschool, a year for studying Jewish traditions. It’s kind of cool that Rosh Hashana was right at the beginning of our school year and so we opened our 3rd grade year with a small and probably less-than-traditional, Rosh Hashana celebration.

for a sweet year

We had a ‘feast’ of broccoli and chicken tenders with a squeeze of lemon over each. Our challah was actually naan bread which, I am certain, was a cultural fauz pas of epic proportions. We began the meal by blessing the wine and saying a prayer over our food, then we all held hands and offered apologies to one another for whatever it seemed necessary to apologize for. Martina, for example, apologized not only to Mark and I but to herself for keeping some emotionally abusive behavior by one of her sisters from us for a long time. (Nothing epic but damaging nonetheless.) I apologized to Mark for the way I just can’t shut up when I go off on a rant and to Martina for all the times I’ve snapped at her for nothing, really, just because I’m stressed out or in a bad mood.

Once we had cleansed our souls, it was time for the party! Which was pretty low key after all but we ate and drank the blessed wine, which was port so that even Martina could have a few sips. Her excitement over the prospect was quickly dimmed by the taste and she only wet her lips a bit in honor of the occasion. After the meal we shared the apple and honey and wished one another a sweet new year.

Later, we wandered down to the covered bridge behind our house and dropped bread crumbs into the water to symbolize the letting go of our sins from the past year.

So, we started fresh and unburdened, in theory and are looking forward to Yom Kippur soon.

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