Arabian Nights, Week 1

Our Arabian Nights scene

This was our first week of school and I was very excited about the fun things we would get to do. First off, following the Earthschooling 3rd grade guide, we are studying The 1,001 Arabian Nights. We do our Arabian Nights block after lunch each school day. We spend quite a bit of time in the mornings on math, and we finish our deep work after language arts with social studies, in this case the story of Sheherezade and Shahriar and Dinarzade.

Martina is enthralled with these stories and I make them fun and somewhat easy for her, focusing on the story and the art, more than writing or researching harems or ancient India.

I preread once or twice then tell her the story as we cuddle up on the sun porch sofa. She is completely in line with Shahriar–no way anything is happening to Sheherizade before the next story!

Thus far, we’ve done days 1-4 and I am including a few of our MLB pics below. I tell the story, then we go to the table and I draw the picture from the story while Martina watches. It is then her turn to put the crayon drawing into her MLB. Now, I have to say that we do have some BRAND NEW Lyra Ferby pencils, so you will probably also notice a pencil drawing or two. I’m not dogmatic. If she wants to use her pencils that’s fine. I am more comfortable with the forgiving nature of crayons.

The Genie and the dust storm

These stories are the perfect close to our main lesson work for each day. Above is her drawing from the story The Merchant and the Genie. The Genie comes out of a dust storm with a scimtar, which is what we were illustrating. Notice the date pits in the lower left corner? These are key to the story.

The Old Man and the Hind

The next story with the evil wife casting spells on the slave and her son, turning them into cattle.

The Man with the Two Black Dogs

The last one for now and my favorite for this week.

I love including our MLB drawings because I think it’s important to know that not all MLBs look like they were illustrated by a professional artist. This is our first year using a focused attempt at using almost entirely Waldorf materials and academic work. These are just a few examples of what our social studies look like this week.

Best wishes.

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2 thoughts on “Arabian Nights, Week 1

  1. Looks like a great first week!!

  2. What beautiful MLB pages! Homeschooling allows you the flexibility to listen to your child’s needs regarding what tools to use. Wonderful!

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