Addition Review

math books that we used for addition review

For week one of 3rd grade we did a basic review of addition. My main guide was from Marsha Johnson’s wonderful yahoo group but like I do with everything, I tweaked it here and there. We did addition review and then a brief overview of carrying numbers. Martina caught on to this quickly, which told me that our work learning place values was solidly done.

Lateen and 10's table

The story for the week was about an Egyptian boat, called a lateen, but instead of that we used the little story we have called The Egyptian Cinderella.

Books on Egypt

During the week we also dug into each of the books pictured above for information on Nile-going boats and we listened to SotW for it’s tale of the floods and how Upper and Lower Egypt came together. This was an enjoyable math and social studies unit together. We reviewed addition of various numbers with me calling out math problems and my dd answering while tossing the beanbag back and forth. We played with our jewels, on which I have written 1 digit numbers and the symbols for the processes. I would lay out an addition problem and she would answer it. If she struggled, I illustrated with more jewels or on the white board.

Khufu's funerary barge

Part of what made this interesting was that we got to see this boat, right next to the Great Pyramid of Giza, last summer. It made the questions about if there were 12 oars on Khufu’s barge and it passed another barge with 16 oars, how many altogether? So much more interesting and approachable. My father has spoiled us with the opportunity to travel quite a lot and as homeschoolers, the trips he takes us on are the coolest field trips ever!

Summer fun

These pics are from her MLB from the summer. We did play with math quite a lot over our sort-of break. Making math fun and interesting and relevant means that so far, my little one is engaged and loving it.

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