The Schultute

During an exchange about back to school traditions someone on a homeschool list mentioned the Schultute. Giving a child one of these cones filled with back to school necessities is a German tradition. Partly because I try to find ways to honor my half-German daughter’s heritage and partly because this sounded like a really cool way to give her her school supplies, I decided to make one.

The schultutes can be purchased but I wanted to make one so with one piece of gold poster board, a bit of hot glue and a bunch of fun stickers–I came up with a 3rd grade schultute and filled it with colored pencils, music and other necessary-to-our-homeschool items.

Probably, this should have been given to her at the beginning of a class but I couldn’t wait a moment! When she woke up I handed her the schultute and she had a ball digging through it and finding all the little treasures inside.

I’m not sure I’ll go to this amount of trouble every September, especially because we don’t always require a great number of new materials each year, but it was fun surprising her, explaining the reason for it and watching her excitement about the new school year grow.

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