Bringing in the Light

Minerva and I have a difficult time on dreary days. We are at our best when the temperature is between 40 and 80 degrees and the sun shines all of the time. Except at night, we’d probably not do so well in Alaska. Sadly for us, we generally get one or the other, rarely both so I have to be creative on dreary days.
We are expecting rain for the next several days and so I’ve decided to do something the greenie in me shrivels up at: I am turning on all the lights in our school room and I’m burning candles and incense while we work.
The lamps bring some much needed BTUs to our space and that makes us feel less like curling up like two little cats, with books, in a couch corner. The light gives us the brightness we need to get our schoolwork done on gloomy days. The candles add a bit of the fire that we need on days when very little sunlight leaks down. The incense smells good.

clearing up

For a long time I’ve fought the internal battle of frugality and conservation versus having enough light to make me feel a spark of life. I’ve finally reached the point of saying, “To heck with it,” and getting down to business. It feels very, very nice.

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