Arabian Nights, Week 2

Maybe I missed something but I thought the Arabian Night block from Earthschooling was going to last us a month and it only lasted a week. Darn it! I love the format of the stories in our 3rd grade curriculum. Maybe we were supposed to focus on one story per week, which is entirely possible but either way, I know what works for Minerva (this is our new ‘internet name’) and doing a new story each day fits our style much better.

Last week we finished 3 stories, so we had one left from our Earthschooling book. I told the story of The Fisherman and then we drew the vase the genie came out of for her MLB. I crayon the picture while she watches and then she does her picture, editing as she sees fit. Generally she will change a few colors or move things around in order to exercise her creative license, which is fine by me. I’m amazed at how much nicer her drawings are this year than last, when we really started learning how to use our crayons for MLB drawings.

Open Sesame!

Today she outdid me for the first time ever. Her drawing is beautiful. They generally are but today hers was much better than mine. She is learning to go slowly, to take her time and look at what she is creating while she’s still in process. I see an amazing unfolding of this child as she grows and is formed by this beautiful approach to education.

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