Schooling, Rhythm and Life-Interruptus

My Great-Grandparents

Sometimes life gets in the way of homeschooling. It just does. No matter how hard I try to keep a nice flow going something always rings the bell and startles us out of our rhythm. Sometimes it won’t happen for a couple of months. Sometimes it happens every week for 3 or 4 weeks in a row. I’m not saying we don’t get anything done. We’re simply less efficient, we get fewer things accomplished and those with less finesse and grace. Non-essential but still crucially important and incredibly enjoyable subjects aren’t attended to.

I homeschool one incredibly easy, intelligent and interested child now. The days of having 5 kids in the house are done. We’re down to 3 and one of them is in college. On the other hand, I have a small business I’m working at which sometimes needs my attention. No shock there, right? There are times when I absolutely must spend hours of my time on the business and times like that are when our homeschooling suffers most.

I know that other homeschooling moms are trying to bring in extra income with small home businesses and am curious about how you manage your time? How do you get the chores, the business, the homeschooling all taken care of without leaving something out?

*If you’re wondering about the random graveyard pic, it’s up there because I was planning on writing about El Dia de los Muertos and Halloween. Life-Interruptus. Again.

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