Our Waldorf Week

This week we’re back on our math block rotation with measurement. Using a variety of resources, most of which are listed in the side bar but also including the awesome math information at Our Little Nature Nest, we have learned about the cubit, digit, hand and span.

On Monday we measured out the ark using a piece of hemp cord onto which we had tied knots measuring one cubit each into a ten cubit length. Because I’m lazy, I then tied sticks to either end so we didn’t have to crawl around to accomplish our measuring. Minerva was amazed at how long the ark was.

I'm at the start point with the camera, she is almost invisible!

The width and height were a little less exciting. In fact, it reminded me of a river barge like those we’ve seen in Holland and England.

We measured two of our horses and one of our goats using a Minerva Hand. My horse, who normally stands 15 hands was a whopping 21.2 and our 13.2 hand pony? He was a horse at 15 hands. Sarah, the goat, was 8 hands high.

We are reading Farmer Boy and Minerva is writing about that, but not every day. This is our autumn ‘farming’ block. We garden heavily and recently gave up raising sheep, chickens and the occasional steer in order to move to a happier place. My daughter has grown up living a farming block, so I don’t feel overly called to go way into it in the autumn. We will do another, longer, farming block come spring planting time.

Here are a few pages from her MLBs for the week. I did not have her draw anything for the Farmer Boy MLB but we are still drawing a lot. She enjoys this very much now and will take her time and really work on her drawings one she has clear idea of what my expectations are. I draw the lines for her to write on with the mama bear side of her block crayons.

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