Waxed Leaves and Fire Starters

Finally a calm, sunny day when we could get outside and melt wax for a fun fall craft. We walked around and picked up the prettiest of the leaves from our yard (we have PLENTY of them!), grabbed our bucket of nicely dried pine cones and got busy.

First I put about 4″ of water into an enamel pot that is a sacrificial craft pot. Then we grabbed our beeswax, a small coffee can and a fondue fork and started melting the wax. The coffee can and pot work as a double boiler. We could have a better set-up but we don’t, so we just go with what we’ve got.

Once the wax was melted we started dunking the leaves into the wax. We held the leaves by the stems which is easy with the maples because they have nice, long stems. The oaks I did because they have short, stubby stems. We dunked, shook gently over the can then more briskly over the grass and then laid the leaves out on a piece of plywood so that the wax could harden.

The pine cones came last. I took the coffee can out of the pot and sat it down on the plywood. Minerva dunked each cone into the wax and put it down. When all had been dunked, I poured the last of the wax over the tops of the cones which needed it most. I’ve never tried these before as fire starters and am curious to see how they work. I am hoping that the wax will slow the burn down a little bit and that will give our logs more time to light.

While we were working a big, bald eagle flew up and roosted in the pine tree just above our heads. It was being harassed by a bunch of crows. We stared at it until it flew away again. Beautiful bird but sadly I did not yet the camera outside.

We’re going to use the leaves to decorate our Thanksgiving Day tables. We’re having a house full and are excited to cook and decorate and feed everyone.

Here are the rest of the photos:

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