Stories of Light: Week 1

This month I am taking a break from lesson planning and following Marsha Johnson’s ‘Stories of Light,’ lesson plan. What a joyous outline this is!

Week 1 was a study of Chanukah traditions. We made a menorah out of salt shakers from the dollar store. Minerva painted them all, including the one for the shamash which is a different color and shape than the others. We’ve been lighting this each night and saying our prayer as best we can when we really don’t know what we’re doing.

Our form for the week was a crossing-the-midline form in the shape of a menorah or chanukiah. Minerva copied it into her lesson book as part of her border for her rewriting the Story of Chanukah. The story includes all but two of her spelling words for week. I think that’s quite impressive!

To keep up with math she is doing worksheets from a book I bought at TAPS. Each day her worksheet focuses on a different process which works wonderfully with our 4 day school week. We’ve put the gnomes away for now and are just doing practice and solidifying the skills, no active math block is going on now.

We’re learning a lot by exploring the festivals celebrated by other cultures this year, especially the Jewish festivals which we are focusing on.

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One thought on “Stories of Light: Week 1

  1. Terry

    I love the drawings!

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