Thunder and the Lightning Rod

This story is from Main Lesson dot com’s ‘The Story Book of Science‘ by Jean Henri Fabre, chapter name: Thunder and the Lightning Rod.

Class began with my being faced by a large group of adorable and ernest young faces and wiggly little bodies. Once everyone had arrived, we gathered for circle time and sang Ring Around a Rosie. As we fell to the ground I asked the children to stay (not knowing until Leah taught me that there is a 2nd verse where we’re supposed to get back up again!). The children all sat in a semi-circle on the floor and we did a little community building exercise that will be repeated each week: I introduce myself by name and then we all answer a weekly question. This week’s was, “Tell me something that makes you special.” I enjoy doing this because often the children don’t all know each other or anything about the others, by the end of the semester they will.

At the end of the introductions I stood up, saying a rhyme called ‘Come a-runnin’ and we all moved to the table. We briefly discussed the story for the week and thunderstorms and electricity. Elsa and Sadie both knew a lot about the topic and told us about positive and negative charges. Then I handed out balloons, everyone got a little crazy rubbing balloons on shirts and holding them over their hair or sticking them onto their bodies or the wall.

Eventually I asked the children to place the balloons in a tub and come back to the table where each chose a Main Lesson Book (MLB) and I wrote their name on the front. Normally the children will do copy work in their MLBs but since it was week one and I thought we might be pressed for time, we just glued a handout in and then everyone settled down to draw a thunderstorm.

The ability of these little people to focus on their artwork was impressive. Every single one of them set to the task and drew a storm. I even had to hurry a couple of them along so that we could finish in time!

We did our closing circle a few minutes early. The kids gathered once more in a semi circle on the floor and we acted out a lightning storm complete with flashing lights, claps of thunder and the soft (or loud) sounds of rain falling and wind blowing.

Then we went outside and everyone bopped their balloon around for a few minutes before I called them together for a balloon stomp. All of the balloons exploded on the first try except for Sadie’s. I had to hold it down for her and exert a little force before it would submit =)

What a great bunch of children. I’m looking forward to next week and to teaching them about the water cycle. Our story is located here: Why the Sheep Ran Away.

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One thought on “Thunder and the Lightning Rod

  1. Thanks for this great summary! Sadie had a really excellent time. šŸ™‚

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