Norse Mythology I

We have begun our study of Norse Myths even though we’re in the 3rd grade because we will be traveling in the Baltic Sea come early summer and I think that having this connection will make Minerva’s understanding of the place deeper. We are using two books: D’Aulaire’s Norse Myths and In the Days of Giants by Abbie Farwell Brown.

We began our studies by exploring the World Tree which Minerva drew in her MLB.

The next story was of Ysir and the yellow cow. Minerva reads the story in D’Aulaires and then I read the version from In the Days of Giants. The two books don’t always correspond perfectly but we also have The Children of Odin and another book about Norse Gods on hand for research or back up. She reads her story on Monday and we let it sit for a few days. She retells the story later in the week and on Friday I read to her. Then she draws and writes in her MLB.

Here are my chalkboard drawing and rhyme:

The MLB (I don’t think Iphoto turns the pic back around! She actually doesn’t write backwards, just in case it looks that way.)

The ice giant, Ymir, and the cow were challenging for both of us to draw but we tried and did a reasonably decent job of it, I think.

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