My daughter has discovered 4H. Obviously this required my complicity, maybe even a little shove from behind, but as of right now she loves it. Who knew a kid could be over-the-moon about a CPR demo? That’s what the speaker at her first meeting did and she is certain that she can now save lives. What could be cooler than that?

Well, Italian Night for one thing. This is, from what I understand, the big annual fund raiser for the group. The kids are supposed to seek out donations from local businesses, artists and artisans. They also sell tickets. The tickets were F$7 and I think that’s a deal for all you can eat supper! The moms, and the older teens, bake cakes for the cake walk and make piles of pasta, salad and other Italian foods for dinner.

Our 4H group has come up with an ingenious plan which involved a point system for awarding the funds raised. The children get points for things like items donated to the Silent Auction, bringing a dish, selling 10 tickets and such. Each point is worth a set dollar value at the end of the year and may be used toward camps and other 4H sponsored events. This way the biggest rewards go to those who work the hardest. A great plan, in my opinion.

We spent the day working on the cake pictured above and it was M’s fondest wish to win it back in the cake walk and you know what? She did! And just this minute she came and told me she had eaten a banana and an orange for breakfast and I just looked at her and said, “Yes.” She’s slicing the cake now.

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