Creating More

Over the weekend we began the process of decluttering and giving away things that need to move on. The first two things were the doll houses that were the focal point of M’s play area for ages. The old one, the one my mom built for me when I was a kid, went to the attic. I just can’t toss it. It will make for a nice set of shelves when M changes rooms soon. The other one, the one we found on the trash pile outside a vacated rental property 15 years ago is going to be gifted or sold.

Suddenly M has so many more toys! It’s funny how reducing the load of options: plastic doll furniture; icky old stuff that never got touched; the huge space grabbers like the doll houses, made her space and the things that were left suddenly so much more attractive and fun to play with.

I’m looking forward to continuing this process. Anyone need some good books?

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