The Swing

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Our daughter has a weird life. She has things that other children only dream of: a pony; trips to foreign countries; a dad who takes her hunting. However, there are things that a typical American kid has that she doesn’t. Things like a swing, a slide, trips to the carnival…

Well, after ages of pushing on my part and requesting on her part, Mark finally hung a swing for her. In typical Daddy/Mark style, the wait was worth it. The swing is extraordinary, hung high from the branch of a beech (?) tree over by the pool. The seat is double wide so that two kids can sit on it at one time. The ropes are long and so the arc of the swing is long and luxurious. It’s a perfect dreaming spot, shady in summer, breezy, quiet, with a view of the pasture, sheep pens and river. Yes, definitely worth the wait.

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One thought on “The Swing

  1. Terry

    Ah. What a dad. What a mom. What a great kid. We miss you guys and the others, too. Let’s set up a date/game night for sometime soon. Hugs to you, but especially to my niece.

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