Earthworms, Week 5

Links will be at the bottom of this post for the story, info on the worm jar and a few other fun and wormy things.

Our story for this week was about an earthworm who got bitten in two! It’s gross, right? The kids loved it.

We went outside and froze while the children shoveled dirt, ripped up lettuce leaves, grabbed damp herbs (from my morning tea!) and stuffed in moss to top the jar full of oddness. Once they were satisfied, or frozen almost solid, the kids grabbed a few red wigglers out of the tubs from the bait shack…well, all of them except Jack that is. He insisted that there was no way he was touching those worms, so I had to do it. I was expecting maybe Sadie or Natalee to not want to do it but both of them got right in there, shivering from the cold wind, and grabbed worms until they were happy that their jars had enough.

My imagination failed me in coming up with a great picture for the MLBs this week, so I showed them how I would draw a worm and left them to it. Some of the children enjoy the copy work more than others and that’s okay. You may find that the handwriting portion of some of the MLBs have more drawing and less writing.

I love having every single one of these kids in my class each week and am always trying to come up with fun ideas for them. Daniel has been horribly disappointed for the last few weeks because I cannot convince him that blending colors to make new ones or putting together a worm jar is actually a science experiment. I think he’s having fun anyway.

Here are links to a couple of videos that are fun. Worms in Love and Wormie Goes to the Beach. If you want to use the worms in the jar to begin a vermicomposting project, here’s a neat video to help you get started at .

Earthworm games online, our story for this week from The Baldwin Project, this is what your kids brought home.

I recommend keeping the jars around for at least a week so that the kids can see the tunnels the worms will dig. Once you’re tired of the jars, just dump the contents into your flower bed or garden and recycle the jar.

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2 thoughts on “Earthworms, Week 5

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I think I’m going to throw out our planned science for the day and do this instead. My oldest just told me last night that she wants to learn more about animals and my next was digging up worms just a few days ago! Thanks for the resources!

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