Derby Day Salon

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These photos are from our 2nd annual Derby Day Salon. The idea of a musical salon is certainly not original to me and some of my homeschooling friends were doing these long before we started doing ours. Thanks to them, I had some guidance on how to put things together.

There was a printed program with all the names, pieces and instruments so that everyone knew when they would perform. The list of performances was based on trying to distribute the instruments throughout the program so that violin, piano, voice, cello and etc were in a rotation rather than a section. Sometimes the beginners go first, sometimes the younger children start, these two categories are not necessarily the same. As always, the musical ability of our friends is jaw-dropping. There’s a four year old who plays a violin the size of my shoe and an eleven year old who plays…everything!

Genres? Ran the gamut from Mozart to the Grateful Dead. Yeah we rock…and we also classical 😉

For the closer there was a rousing rendition of Galway Races, just to get everyone into the spirit of gambling on the Kentucky Derby. Yes, there were mint juleps later but don’t worry, no one drank and then drove off with the kids.

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